Professional Services

Our core services to our clients involve fulfillment of design and methodology tasks for their Systems on Chip (SOC). An engagement with our client would typically involve one or more of the following. All steps are meticulously documented using our standard documentation practices (or the clients standard practices). Often specifications are in XML format which are then referenced by our own tools to automatically generate RTL code, HTML documentation and software code.

  • Architecture of  the SoC
  • Micro-Architecture of the SoC based on the planned Architecture
  • RTL design (using Verilog HDL)
  • Comprehensive Test-Bench design, using legacy Verilog (IEEE 1364 2005) or System-Verilog
  • Verification of the design using the designed test-bench, both on RTL level and gate-level
  • Code proofing and cleanup using various LINT tools
  • Synthesis and static timing analysis
  • Design constraining for place & route and layout
  • Formal equivalence checking for netlist integrity checks

One of the greatest values we provide our clients is our ability to implement software tools which are tailored to their flow and needs. We would often have different portions of the design specified in a computer readable format like XML, and design tools which would use these specifications to automate different parts of their flow. Examples of such automation are:

  • Automatic RTL module shell generation, and instantiation
  • Automatic RTL module documentation
  • Automatic configuration register generation. This may include RTL models, C models, HTML documentation etc.
  • Flow automation: shell, perl and 'make' style scripts for automation of all the flow steps



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