Flow & Methodology
image Today's highly competitive market puts tremendous pressure on engineering teams to produce multimillion transistor systems in very short periods of time. Unfortunately, non of the leading EDA vendors provide a single Integrated-Development-Environment (IDE) for the design of complex SoCs. A proven, robust and highly automatic methodology not only increases your chances of first silicon success - it also allows you to focus on intellectual-property design and verification and not on repetitive, error prone flows.ODLINX can help you achieve this goal by helping you optimize your flow and methodology.

Flow Enhancements

We can help your team optimize the design flow by automating most of it and leaving out only the tasks that require the true focus of your engineers - your intellectual property design. Using a combination of custom EDA tools design, 'makefile' and shell scripting we can generate a robust, modular and reusable automated-flow-environment for your SoC projects.

Methodology Enhancements

We can help you enhance your design methodology to increase your productivity, decrease your time-to-market and increase the predictability of your tapeout. Whether you require a complete ground-up deployment of a new methodology or you only wish to improve a single bottle-neck in an existing methodology we can do that work for you. Utilizing our many years of experience in successful tapeouts and our experiece in designing custom tools and scripts for flow & methodology optimization we will find the right solution for you. Contact us for more details.


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