ASIC/FPGA Verification

image Whether you require support in verifying individual building blocks or need to implement a complete verification platform for your System-On-Chip, Odlinx will provide you with all the expertise necessary to complete your challenging verification tasks for a successful tapeout.




Verification Services

  • Testbench generation: Development of verification platforms (test-benches) for complex Systems On Chip (SOC) using a combination of Verilog, System-Verilog and custom scripting
  • Bus Modeling: Development of customized Bus-Functional-Models (BFM) and transactors
  • IP Behavioral Modeling: Development of behavioral models for Analog, Mixed-Signal and Digital IP.
  • Test-Plan: specification including random & directed tests
  • Test Automation: Implementation of scripts for automatic regression runs and reporting
  • Functional simulation: Test implementation based on test-plan
  • Formal verification: Verification of complex bus interfaces using a combination of assertions and formal tools
  • Code coverage analysis: usage and provision of code-coverage analysis for ensuring test coverage
  • Emulation: Using custom or commercial platforms we can signigicantly reduce tapeout risks by first emulating the system on FPGAs. This also serves as an "early" platform for firmware/software engineers to develop and debug their code

Contact us for more information about our ASIC and FPGA verification services.


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