Turn-Key Design Flow

Our turn-key design implementation flow is structured as follows:

  • Acceptance of a system specification (such as a document or matlab, C/C++ model).
    This becomes our reference for the implementation of the system. This system-level specification is typically conceived by our clients.
  • We define the architecture of the SoC based on the system specification
    We carefully document the architecture specification and conduct one or more design reviews until everyone is comfortable with the target system architecture
  • We specify the micro-architecture of the SoC.
    Based on the system architecture we 'dig' deeper into all the modules that build the system. We generate a comprehensive Engineering Requirements Document (ERD) which provides a detailed specification of the sub-system interfaces, block-diagrams, implementation techniques, programmability and memory mapping.
  • We implement the design based on the micro-architecture using the Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL)
  • We incorporate testability (DFT) features into the design based on the clients requirements
  • We rigorously verify the design, to ensure first pass success.
  • We bring-up the design in the lab.

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